Guess what! For once we have an African diaspora story that doesn’t begin with slavery. This week we are looking at the history of an ethnic group known as the Garifuna! There are Garifuna communities across Central and North America including the United States, Canada, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Belize. But today we will be […]

The Bob Marley Foundation welcomes you to the virtual celebration of the 76th Earthstrong of Reggae Legend Bob Marley. Our celebration begins at 7am on Saturday, February 6, 2021 under the theme Survival’76 after his eleventh studio album titled ‘Survival’ released in 1979. The ten-track album which went Platinum in Spain featured singles that spoke […]


Nisuni is the Garifuna word which translates to “My Purpose” in English. This song is dedicated to everyone who has been counted out, but have risen and became more than what was expected of you. This is for everyone who is currently going through trails and facing judgments from others – Your purpose is bigger […]

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