Edward Snowden on Donald Trump, Obama’s Presidency, Activism & Liberty

n our interview with NSA-whistleblower, activist and human rights advocate, Edward Snowden, we talk to him about the history of intelligence agencies, notable whistleblowers, the role of politicians and whether he thinks that Donald Trump will misuse the power of the surveillance state. In addition, we ask Snowden about how he lives his usual day in Russia.

  • What other notable operations were undertaken by U.S. intelligence agencies that receive little attention today but could tell us more about their prevailing culture and mentality?
  • Are there other whistleblowers that the public should know which may perhaps have not received the same coverage as Edward Snowden?
  • With Donald Trump in power, is absolute tyranny inevitable given the power of the surveillance state today?
  • What is the role of the individual in curbing power? Does she or he have the instruments to change the course for the better?
  • Is there a difference between morality and legality? Is there a precedence where breaking the law is the only resort?
  • What is the meaning of liberty today and how does it affect our daily lives?
  • Which laws have been recently passed to expand the surveillance in Russia, China, UK, Germany and the United States?
  • How does Snowden’s normal day in exile look like and why did he choose to stay in Russia?

All of this and more are addressed in this video.

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