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Paddling Next To Great White Shark

This is the crazy moment an experienced diver paddles perilously close to a 14ft long great white shark stranded in shallow waters outside his home. Daredevil Dale Pearson ignored all danger when he waded into the Sea of Cortez, Mexico, on May 27 after he spotted what he initially thought was a hammerhead shark. Approaching […]

Sea lion drags girl into Steveston waters

Watch as a sea lion drags a young girl into the waters at the Steveston Fisherman’s Wharf, Richmond B.C. Canada. The girl was rescued by her family members and bystanders. Nobody was injured in the incident.

Shark capsizes kayak

Info from Licensor: “Captain Ben Chancey was fishing for Goliath Grouper off the coast of Stuart Florida when a Grouper so big grabbed his line that it nearly flipped his boat over. After the giant fish pulled the rod out of the Captain’s hand the giant fish spit up the bait and that’s when a […]

This is how snake give birth

our new CRB (Colombian rainbowboa) litter – mather albino (T-), father paradigma (from David Brickhill-Jones). The babies will be for sale – 1000 eur albino, 1500 eur paradigma (double morph T+ and T-).

Snake vomits an entire antelope

Published on Mar 13, 2017 A 13-foot python swallowed an entire antelope and then regurgitated it on a farm in Groblersdal, South Africa. The snake can be seen stretching its mouth extremely wide to accommodate the animal. Once the snake was finished, it was caught and relocated.

What happens when you put 20,000 volts into a Watermelon?

What happens when you pump 20,000 joules into a watermelon? Two words. Pink Mist. After trying to blow up a watermelon with a smaller capacitor, my friend coyt brought over 4 capacitors rated at 20kv and 25uf each. They came from a lab that used to them to simulate the effects of lightning on materials, […]

WTF Compilation || December 2016 || MonthlyFails

Hi all! Here’s new instalment of wtf craziness for the December 2016. Trucks on fire, texting while riding and more in this wtf moments compilation. Have fun watching & stay tuned for fails compilation coming up next. Cheers!