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Unacknowledged Trailer Exposes the World’s Greatest UFO Secret

UFO and alien stories often make for great movies, with classics such as E.T., Close Encounters of the Third Kind and the recent hit Arrival all revolving around extra-terrestrial visitors. Truth can often by stranger than fiction, though, with a new documentary entitled Unacknowledgedattempting to unlock the secrets of real UFO discoveries that the U.S. government has tried […]

Annabelle: Creation Trailer Reveals the Doll’s Evil Origin

She’s back! The first Annabelle may not have been all that well received, but it raked in enough money at the box office to justify a sequel. But if looks like Warner Bros. doesn’t want to make the same mistake twice. The studio has just released the very first trailer for Annabelle 2, officially titled […]

Warner Bros. might have to pay $900 million if they can’t prove ghosts are real

The studio and filmmakers behind the successful “Conjuring” franchise are being sued by an author for $900 million. The three films in the franchise grossed $886 million at the global box office, and two more films are on the way. You can read the entire filing here. Author Gerald Brittle wrote a book about the […]

Film Theory: King Kong’s Secret Past – SOLVED! (Kong: Skull Island)

The King is Back! King Kong that is. But where did he come from? I mean he can’t just be a relic left over from prehistoric times can he? In fact his origins are much more shrouded than that. And there are certain companies that want to keep it that way. Well today, I’m getting […]

Avatar 2 Postponed Again, Won’t Come out in 2018

Another year, another Avatar postponement. James Cameron says the long-gestating sequel to his science-fiction epic will not be released next year. Earlier this year, film company Fox listed an untitled movie from James Cameron’s Lightstorm Entertainment for December 2018, suggesting that the first of the Avatar sequels, Avatar 2, could be released then. However, that […]