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The best EDM for your party.

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Welcome to LMBRADIO where we bring you the best of music from all over the world. This is some of the hottest  hit of today and yesterday music.  From reggae to hip hop, from punta to salsa. Tone in and explore new music on a new level.

Music is the power of love music is what makes us happy music is what makes us understand a point of view, music is love, music is sadness, music make you remember,   At this hour we will make you remember All of those songs that make you feel special.

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Lloyd Augustine was born in the beautiful village of Hopkins – Yugadan. He has been in the music scene for almost 20 years. Lloyd had his beginnings with Poots Titiman Flores, then he moved on to Sound City Band. Eventually, Lloyd joined the world-famous Punta Rebels Band in 1997. After Punta Rebels separated, he did […]

Musician, singer-songwriter, percussionist and guitarist Clayton Williams (24) is the new voice of Garifuna Music, as the youngest Parandero. As a member of the Millennial Generation, he represents the present and future of Garifuna Music. His goal is to preserve the Garifuna culture’s unique language and extraordinary sound, while moving Garifuna Music forward. The Garifuna […]

Freddie Mcgregor, King Jammy, I-Octane, Rasqo, Shanty B and more.

2017 Paranda Hits Mix Compilation Vol. 1. This Mix Includes Songs from Various Artists who are the owners rightful owners of all rights to their recordings and songs. This compilations is made for your enjoyment and support to the artist. PLEASE SUPPORT GARIFUNA MUSIC! CHECK OUT THE OUTLETS AND PURCHASE AND SUPPORT OUR ARTIST!   […]

LiL JunE A.k.A La PuNtA ChOw is a young garifuna solo artist who was born in Brooklyn, New York. He represents his parents’ country Honduras. Lil June’s real name is Jose Junior Alvarez, but he’s mostly known as Lil June aka La Punta Chow. Everybody knows Lil June from Sensation Band. He began his career […]

PACHA MAMA SOUNDSYSTEM Pacha Mama Soundsystem outta Den Bosch, The Netherlands. It is a collective of 4 man who try to bring all cultural and musical aspects of the soundsystem culture during their live shows. Building their own Soundsystem from scratch in 2011 ago and playing eversince. Interesting to know that they work with a […]

Reggae’s now gone beyond race and nationality, just like Rastafari. It’s Jamaica’s gift to the world and Planet Earth loves it – not just for those irrepressible rhythms, but what the music stands for. It’s therefore no surprise to learn that fifty years after its birth, reggae’s current elite includes a singer from Sicily – […]

Peter Flores, aka Titiman has long held a place as one of Belize’s top Punta Rockers. His unique voice and energetic performances have made him many fans throughout Belize and Central America. Titiman literally grew up with music. His mother and sisters were singers, and from the time he can remember, Titiman played drums for […]



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