Garifuna Music & Talk With DJ Labuga Presents Supa G

Please subscribe button to GAHFU Channel Lensford ‘Super G’ Martinez knew where he was going when he dubbed himself “THE SUPER GENERAL” as he exploded on the Punta Rock scene a few years ago. He began his musical journey at the age of fifteen with a group from southern Belize in his native home of Georgetown. Coming from a family of musicians, Super G found it hard to resist following in the footsteps of his talented elder brothers, Patrick, Bert, Madness and Adrian “THE DOC” Martinez. Super G boasts numerous credits to his accomplishments. He is by far the most recognizable figure of all Belizean artists at home and abroad. Throughout his career he has won and continues to win awards at a pace far greater than any other Belizean artist. One of his most recent accomplishments was to have his song entitled “MUEVELO” played on Sabado Gigante, which is the biggest Latin television show in the world and airs weekly on Univision. He has entertained audiences at New York’s 4th of July Tour in 1998, Miami Carnival in 1999, St. Kitts Carifesta in 2000 with Punta Rebels, Air Jamaica’s Travel & Trade Show in Kingston Jamaica in 2003 which was broadcasted live on local television. In 2004 Super G took “New Rebels Band” to Tlalpan, Mexico where thousands were galvanized by his performance. He has since travelled frequently to Mexico where he has gained a stronghold in the state of Quintana Roo. He has also performed in Guatemala, Nicaragua and various States in the USA. He travelled to Chicago on diplomatic status with the former Mayor of Dangriga at the request of the ministry of state to be part of a delegation to accept garbage trucks on behalf of the town. Every September the crowd anticipates his performance at Belikin Fest where he demonstrates why he is Belize’s marquee artist. Due to his influence Belikin partnered with him and his colleagues to host the annual Main Stage Belikin Fest, which is held annually in Dangriga on the 18th of November. When it comes to music he stands in a category of his own due to his ability to compose, arrange and sing songs in English, Garifuna and Spanish. Super G launched his solo career when he signed to LOVE ENT releasing his first album entitled “Supa De Ya” in November of 2001, and thereby securing his place in Punta Rock history. The album included hits such as “Say No To Drugs”, “Ay Mami”, “Tic Tac” and “The Whine”. In 2002, he released his second album “Unity” with hits such as “DIRTY BODY”, “MUEVELO”, and “NANIGI”, received countless airtime. It also included a duet entitled ‘TU ERES’, which he did with the crisp and clear voice of Bernadette Gilharry of the famed Gilharry 7 Band. In March of 2004 Super G released his 3rd and final album with LOVE ENTERTAINMENT entitled “UNLOCK”. Tracks such as “TAKE IT OFF”, “CHICA LINDA”, “WHO’S YOUR DADDY” and the ladies favorite during that time “MAN LAYAD” received continuous airplay. In 2006 Super G released his 4th album in 5 years entitled the “FIRST CHAPTER”, which solidified his status as Belize’s best Punta Rock artist ever. Tracks such as “MAGOONI”, “PLAYA”, “REDEIBEI”, “WALA WINE” and “ARANCALO” were the most requested songs at shows. His album, “4 MEN”, is one of the highest selling albums in the history of Punta Rock music. With the release of “STILL STANDING” we see a more mature Super G engaging in social issues that relate to the plight of our youths, community, and Belize in general. His album entitled “CLUB JAM” sees him challenging himself by stepping out of the box. Instead of the usual Punta that we are accustomed to, Super G released a Soca album. “FAYAHAAT” sees Super G staying on top of the musical pedestal. He shows his versatility by remixing an old folk song entitled “HUYA”. The entire album is filled with hits. After reminding the music world that he was still here with the “STILL STANDING” album, Super G followed it up by releasing “SUMMER TREAT”. He took a well known traditional Garifuna folk dance song called the Jankunu and crafted into a wonderful masterpiece. Super G’s latest project Latin album is entitled “UNA NOCHE MAS”. Future projects include the release of his Paranda album that he’s been working on over the past 13 years. Fans will enjoy this album because it includes a track with the late great “ANDY PALACIO”, “AURELIO MARTINEZ”, Adrian “THE DOC” Martinez and his mother. Super G demonstrates how soulful he could be yet creative in style without losing the essence of the Paranda genre. Produced by Rony Figueroa Media Management by Cheryl L. Noralez Sponsored by GAHFU, Inc.



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