Titiman Flores / Owner

Peter Flores, aka Titiman has long held a place as one of Belize’s top Punta Rockers. His unique voice and energetic performances have made him many fans throughout Belize and Central America. Titiman literally grew up with music. His mother and sisters were singers, and from the time he can remember, Titiman played drums for them and soon after started playing and singing around Dangriga with various cultural groups. He joined the legendary Sounds Inc. in the early 90s, with whom he toured extensively throughout Belize and the United States. By the mid 1990s he went solo and was soon one of Belize’s most sought after performers. In addition to having an exuberant, engaging stage presence, Titiman is a talented and prolific composer, having created many popular songs, including “Titi”, a huge local hit with a double entendre breast feeding theme and a name that has since become his own. Titiman has never stopped making an impact in the Belizean music scene. Considered by many as one of the country’s greatest voices he is also an outspoken member of the community with strong political and spiritual views with a very deep appreciation of his Garifuna heritage and culture. His music continues to be fresh and lively, kicked along by his band the Punta Rockers, which features young musicians including his daughter on bass guitar. When he’s not performing or composing, Titiman supports his family as a fisherman and farmer, plying his own boat in the sea off of Dangriga and farming rice and other crops. A keen hunter who is at home in the rainforests between Dangriga and the Maya mountains,

Titiman is as wild as his music. Fedu, Garifuna for celebration, is the perfect title for this high-energy party album. Once again Titiman and his Punta Rockers deliver a tight, festive album that keeps up a pace from the first track to the last. Wildly popular in Belize, Fedu continues the Titiman tradition of delivering the Punta Rock goods to the dance floor. (Stonetree Records Website).




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