Lloyd Augustine / Photographer

Lloyd Augustine was born in the beautiful village of Hopkins – Yugadan. He has been in the music scene for almost 20 years. Lloyd had his beginnings with Poots Titiman Flores, then he moved on to Sound City Band. Eventually, Lloyd joined the world-famous Punta Rebels Band in 1997. After Punta Rebels separated, he did a dual album with Reckless, also a former member of Punta Rebels. This was the birth of the alliance known as Lloyd & Reckless. Lloyd decided to get back to the style that he knows best, Paranda music. Paranda gave him the chance to tour the world through music. On the The Garifuna Collective’s “album second track, ‘Galuma’ (‘Calm’), singer Lloyd Augustine makes a plea that a fishing community much like his native Hopkins Village won’t sacrifice its old identity and ancestral values to make way for the modern world. ‘He was making a comment on how all the young kids in Hopkins, now all they want is a fancy cellphone and buy clothes and all that hype stuff, ‘Duran said.’ There’s a bunch of condos and those kind of places, they’re all gated. There’s a few big resorts. I mean, they’re not monstrous; we’re not talking Cancun here. But still, for a small village like Hopkins, it’s a big thing.'” Reed Johnson’s Los Angeles Times Since 2008, Lloyd has been touring Canada, several cities in the United States of America, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Europe and many other countries. Lloyd Augustine is in the brink of releasing his brand new album titled (Yugadan). Cumbancha’s website states: “One of the singers who made the greatest effort to fill Palacio’s shoes is Lloyd Augustine. Already a popular singer of punta, the upbeat Garifuna dance music that is known across the Caribbean and Central America, Augustine became one of the group’s most devoted members. Augustine wrote the album’s title song as a farewell to his mentor Palacio. Duran mentions, ‘Several of the songs on this album were made for Andy.

Everybody went through a period in the last five years of missing Andy, and wanting to deliver this record in his memory. I think there is a certain nostalgia that is evident in the songs, even though most are upbeat.'” A Tribute To Paul Nabor: Garifuna Music & Talk With DJ Labuga is sad to announce to its audience the passing of our Garifuna star and icon, Paul Nabor. He passed away in his town of Punta Gorda, Toledo District in Belize tonight. We received a phone call from his daughter Ms. Marie Centeno. Another great Garifuna musician has left us to join those who have passed away such as the great Andy Palacio, Rene Crisanto, Sidu, Jimmy Suazo, Machete, and many, many more…We are paying a tribute to Paul Nabor tonight live Garifuna Music & Talk With DJ Labuga. GAHFU, Inc. Lareni Bungiu lichugu ibagari lun Pali Naboru lonurei asibiha saraguwabu tidan dabuyaba habu wanebafa luma Baba tauda ledeberei lumalali lusun ubou ichiga isebaha…ri lugundaü Pali Naboru waguda Suntigabafu buagu luban meragua luberemuhalu uwaragua hamadiru bemeragua Pali Naboru wababu lugundaü mowetibu wama wagia le Garinagu lugundaü waganbuni beresute nibagaritibu wadan sagü walahalaü binilaña Bugiu bisanigu hau bibaña bafureime bigarabali hawagu seirigien mabugaü Pali moweti nihen lidan lemeru.



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