For most of us, endangered animals are a far-away mystery. British photographer Tim Flach, however, has spent the last 2 years braving their habitats and documenting their fragile existences. The resulting body of work, Endangered, provides us with an intimate and rare view into the beautiful lives of Earth’s most threatened creatures, and reminds us […]

Chances are, you are already ruining your potential to succeed in the music industry because you believe in one or more music career myths. How do I know? I am sent e-mail messages on a constant basis by tons of musicians (all seeking the answers to the WRONG questions). These are questions that may seem […]

It has been slammed by top names in banking as a giant ponzi scheme. Yet, interest in cryptocurrencies has never been stronger. In fact the biggest of them, Bitcoin, hit an all-time high above $19,000 earlier December 2017. But the warnings are growing louder, over the risks of investing in something so volatile. So is […]

During a White House meeting on immigration, President Trump questions why people from “s**thole countries” like Haiti and African nations are allowed to come to the U.S.

FRIDAY… — Justin Timberlake (@jtimberlake) January 2, 2018 Photo Credit: Taken from video Justin Timberlake released a trailer for his new album “Man In The Woods” via his social media platforms this morning and everyone is talking about it. From the trailer, it appears JT will be going back to his Tennessee roots […]

Looking backs to 2017 this are some of the major events that took place from last year.



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